Nokia 7610 - Paired devices view

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Paired devices view

Paired devices are easier to recognise, they are indicated by

in the search result list. In

the Bluetooth main view, press

to open a list of paired devices (


To pair with a device: Select


New paired device

. The phone starts a device

search. Scroll to the device you want to pair with and press


. Exchange passcodes.

The device is added to the Paired devices list.

To cancel pairing: Scroll to the device whose pairing you want to cancel and press

or select



. If you want to cancel all pairings, select


Delete all


If you are currently connected to a device, and delete the pairing with that device, the
pairing is removed and the device connection is terminated, but Bluetooth remains
active on the handset.

To set a device to be authorised or unauthorised: Scroll to the device and select


Set as authorised

- Connections between your phone and this device can be

made without your knowledge. No separate acceptance or authorisation is needed. Use
this status for your own devices, for example, your PC, or devices that belong to
someone you trust. The icon

is added next to authorised devices in the Paired devices


Set as unauthorised

- Connection requests from this device need to be accepted

separately every time.

To assign a short name to a device: Select


Assign short name

. Enter a name

for the device.