Nokia 7610 - Sending data via Bluetooth

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Sending data via Bluetooth

There can be only one active Bluetooth connection at a time.

1 Open an application where the item you wish to send is stored. For example, to send a

photo to another device, open the Gallery application.

2 Scroll to the item you want to send and select



Via Bluetooth


3 The phone starts to search for devices within range. Devices using Bluetooth technology

that are within range start to appear on the display one by one. You can see a device
icon, the device’s name, the device type, or a short name. Paired devices are shown with

. A paired device is one where a Bluetooth connection already exists between your

phone and the other device.
To interrupt the search, press


. The device list freezes and you can start to form

a connection to one of the devices already found.

When searching for devices, some devices may show only the unique device addresses.
To find out the unique address of your phone, enter the code *#2820# in standby mode.
If you have searched for devices earlier, a list of the devices that were found previously
is shown first. To start a new search, select

More devices

. If you switch off the phone,

the list of devices is cleared and the device search needs to be started again before
sending data.

Fig. 22 Using Bluetooth.

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4 Scroll to the device you want to connect with and press


. The item you are

sending is copied to Outbox and the note


is shown.

5 Pairing (if not required by the other device, go to step 6.)

If the other device requires pairing before data can be transmitted, a tone sounds and

you are asked to enter a passcode.

Create your own passcode (1-16 characters long, numeric) and agree with the owner

of the other device to use the same code. This passcode is used only once and you do
not have to memorise it.

After pairing, the device is saved to the Paired devices view.

6 When the connection has been successfully established, the note

Sending data

is shown.

Copyright protections may prevent some images, ringing tones, and other content from
being copied, modified, transferred or forwarded.

Data received via Bluetooth can be found in the Inbox folder in Messaging.

See “Inbox -

receiving messages” on page 52.

Tip: Pairing means authentication. The users of the devices using Bluetooth

technology should agree together what the passcode is, and use the same passcode
for both devices in order to pair them. Devices that do not have a user interface have
a preset passcode.

Icons for different devices:









, and


Bluetooth device


If sending fails, the message or data will be deleted. The Drafts folder in Messaging does
not store messages sent via Bluetooth.

Checking the status of the Bluetooth connection
• When is shown in standby mode, Bluetooth is active.
• When

is blinking, your phone is trying to connect to the other device.

• When

is shown continuously, the Bluetooth connection is active.

Fig. 23 Sending an image
via Bluetooth, the phone
starts to search for

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