Nokia 7610 - Setting a base currency and exchange rates

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Setting a base currency and exchange rates

Before you can make currency conversions, you need to choose a base currency (usually
your domestic currency) and add exchange rates.

The rate of the base currency is always 1. The base currency determines the conversion
rates of the other currencies.

1 Select


as the measure type and select


Currency rates

. A list of

currencies opens and you can see the current base currency at the top.

2 To change the base currency, scroll to the currency (usually your domestic currency),

and select


Set as base curr.


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Tip: When you change the base currency, all previously set exchange rates are

set to 0 and you need to key in new rates.

3 Add exchange rates, scroll to the currency, and key in a new rate, that is, how many

units of the currency equal one unit of the base currency you have selected.

4 After you have inserted all the required exchange rates, you can make currency


See “Converting units” on page 91.