Nokia 7610 - Creating a wallet profile

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Creating a wallet profile

Once you have stored your personal details, you can combine them together into a wallet
profile. Use a wallet profile to retrieve wallet data from different cards and categories to
the browser.

1 Select the

Wallet profiles

category from the main wallet menu and press


2 Select


Create new

. A new wallet profile form opens.

3 Fill in the fields as indicated below and press



Some of the fields must contain data selected from the wallet. You must save the data
under the relevant category before creating a wallet profile, or the profile cannot be

Profile name

- Choose and enter a name for the profile.

Payment card

- Select a card from the Payment card category.

Loyalty card

- Select a card from the Loyalty card category.

Online access card

- Select a card from the Online acc. card category.

Shipping address

- Select an address from the Address card category.

Billing address

- By default this is the same as the Shipping address. If you require a

different address, select one from the Address card category.

User info card

- Select a card from the User info card category.

Receive e-receipt

- Select a destination from the Address card category.

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Deliver e-receipt

- Select

To phone


To e-mail

, or

To pho. & e-mail


RFID sending

- Set to




. Defines whether, or not, your unique phone

identification is sent with the wallet profile (for future development dependent on
RFID-based ticketing).