Nokia 7610 - Settings for multimedia messages

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Settings for multimedia messages

Go to


and select



Multimedia message

to open the

following list of settings:

Access point in use


Must be defined

) - Select which access point is used as the preferred

connection for the multimedia message centre.

See “Settings needed for multimedia

messaging” on page 51.

If you receive multimedia message settings in a smart message and save them, the received
settings are automatically used for the Access point.

See “Receiving smart messages” on

page 52.

Multimedia reception

- Select:

Only in home net.

- If you want to receive multimedia messages only when you are in

your home network. When you are outside your home network, multimedia message
reception is turned off.

Always on

- If you always want to receive multimedia messages.


- If you do not want to receive multimedia messages or advertisements at all.

Tip: If the settings

Only in home net.


Always on

have been selected, your phone can

make an active data call or GPRS connection without your knowledge

On receiving msg.

- Select:

Retr. immediately

- If you want the phone to try to retrieve multimedia messages

instantly. If there are messages with Deferred status, they will be retrieved as well.

Defer retrieval

- If you want the multimedia messaging centre to save the message to

be retrieved later. When you want to retrieve the message, set

On receiving msg.


Retr. immediately


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Reject message

- If you want to reject multimedia messages. The multimedia message

centre will delete the messages.

Allow anon. messages

- Select


, if you want to reject messages coming from an

anonymous sender.

Receive adverts

- Define whether you want to allow reception of multimedia message

advertisements or not.


- Set to


, if you want the status of the sent message (






) to be shown in the Reports.

Deny report sending

- Choose


, if you do not want your phone to send delivery reports

of received multimedia messages.

Message validity

(Network Service) - If the recipient of a message cannot be reached

within the validity period, the message is removed from the multimedia message centre.

Maximum time

is the maximum amount of time allowed by the network.

Image size

- Define the size of the image in a multimedia message. The options are:


(max. of 160*120 pixels) and


(max. 640*480 pixels).