Nokia 7610 - Using traditional text input

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Using traditional text input

The indicator

is shown on the top right of the display when you are writing text

using traditional text input.

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• Press a number key (


), repeatedly until the desired character appears.

Note that there are more characters available for a number key than are printed on the



indicate the selected case.

means that the

first letter of the next word is written in upper case, and all other letters will
automatically be written in lower case.

indicates number mode.

• To insert a number, press and hold the number key.

To switch between letter and number mode, press and hold


• If the next letter is located on the same key as the present one, wait until the cursor

appears (or press

to end the time-out period), and then key in the letter.

• If you make a mistake, press

to remove a character. Press and hold

to clear

more than one character.

• The most common punctuation marks are available under

. Press

repeatedly to reach the desired punctuation mark.

to open a list of special characters. Use the scroll key to move through the

list and press


to select a character.

• To insert a space, press

. To move the cursor to the next line, press

three times.

• To switch between upper and lower case, press