Nokia 7610 - Playing media files

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Playing media files

• To play a media file stored in your phone’s memory or memory card, select




Most recent clips

- To play one of the last 6 files played in RealPlayer, or

Saved clip

- To play a file saved in the Gallery.

See “Gallery” on page 41.

Scroll to a file and press

to play the file.

• To stream content over the air:

• Select a streaming link saved in the Gallery. Before your live content begins

streaming, your phone will connect to the site and load the file.

• Open the link to a file in the browser.

To stream live content, you must first configure your default access point.

See “Access

points” on page 68.

Many service providers will require you to use an Internet Access Point (IAP) for your
default access point. Other service providers allow you to use a WAP access point. Contact
your service provider for more information.

In RealPlayer, you can only open an rtsp:// URL address. You cannot open an http:// URL
address, however RealPlayer will recognise an http link to a .ram file since a .ram file is a
text file containing a rtsp link.

Shortcuts during play

When a media file is playing use the scroll key to seek (move quickly through the media
file), and to mute the sound, as follows:

Press and hold

to seek forwards, or press and hold

to seek backwards through the

media file.

Press and hold

until the

indicator is displayed to mute the sound.

Press and hold

until you see the

indicator to turn on the sound.

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