Nokia 7610 - Adding a ringing tone for a contact card or group

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Adding a ringing tone for a contact card or group

You can set a ringing tone for each contact card and group. When that contact or group
member calls you, the phone plays the chosen ringing tone (if the caller’s telephone
number is sent with the call and your phone recognises it).

1 Press

to open a contact card or go to the Groups list and select a contact group.

2 Select


Ringing tone

. A list of ringing tones opens.

3 Use the scroll key to select the ringing tone you wish to use for the contact or group

and press



• To remove the ringing tone, select

Default tone

from the list of ringing tones.

Tip! For an individual contact, the phone uses the ringing tone that was assigned

last. So, if you first change a group ringing tone and then the ringing tone of a single
contact that belongs to that group, the ringing tone of the single contact is used.

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