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Voice dialling

You can make a phone call by saying a voice tag that has been added to a contact card.
Any spoken word(s) can be a voice tag.

• When recording, hold the phone at a short distance away from your mouth. After the

starting tone, clearly pronounce the word, or words, you want to record as a voice tag.

Before using voice tags, note that:

• Voice tags are not language-dependent. They are dependent on the speaker's voice.
• You must say the name exactly as you said it when you recorded it.
• Voice tags are sensitive to background noise. Record voice tags and use them in a quiet


• Very short names are not accepted. Use long names and avoid similar names for

different numbers.

Note: Using voice tags may be difficult in a noisy environment or during an

emergency, so you should not rely solely upon voice dialling in all circumstances.

Adding a voice tag to a phone number

Voice tags can only be added to phone numbers stored in the phone’s memory.


“Copying contacts between the SIM card and phone memory” on page 23.

1 In the Contacts main view, scroll to the contact that you want to add a voice tag to,

and press

to open the contact card.

2 Scroll to the number that you want to add the voice tag to, and select



voice tag


3 Press


to record a voice tag. After the starting tone, clearly pronounce the word(s)

you want to record as a voice tag.

4 After recording, the phone plays the recorded tag and the note

Playing voice tag



5 When the voice tag has been successfully saved, the note

Voice tag saved

is displayed

and a beep sounds. A symbol

can be seen next to the number in the contact card.

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Making a call by saying a voice tag

1 In standby mode, press and hold

. A short tone is played and the note

Speak now

is displayed.

2 When you are making a call by using a voice tag, hold the phone at a short distance

away from your mouth and face and pronounce the voice tag clearly.

3 The phone plays the original voice tag, displays the name and number, and after a few

seconds dials the number of the recognised voice tag.

• If the phone plays the wrong voice tag, or you want to retry voice dialling, press



Voice dialling cannot be used when a data call or a GPRS connection is active.