Nokia 7610 - Adding shortcuts

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Adding shortcuts

Shortcuts can be added only from pre-installed applications and functions. Not all
applications have this functionality.

1 Open the application and scroll to the item that you want to add as a shortcut.
2 Select


Add to ’Go to’

and press



Shortcut! A shortcut in Go to is automatically updated if you move the item it is

pointing to, for example, from one folder to another.

Using shortcuts:

To open a shortcut, scroll to the icon and press

. The file is opened in the

corresponding application.

To delete a shortcut, scroll to the shortcut you want to remove and select


Delete shortcut

. Removing a shortcut does not affect the file it is referring to. The default

shortcuts can not be deleted.

To change the shortcut name, select


Edit shortcut name

. Write the new

name. This change affects only the shortcut, not the file or item the shortcut refers to.

Fig. 14 The Go to main

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