Nokia 7610 - Web (Mobile browser)

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Web (Mobile browser)

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Various service providers maintain pages specifically designed for mobile phones, offering
services that can be, for example, news, weather reports, banking, travel information,
entertainment, and games. With the mobile browser you can view these services as WAP
pages written in WML, XHTML pages written in XHTML, or a mixture of both. If you have
not yet used your phone to make a WAP connection, you may need to contact your service
provider for assistance with the first-time connection or visit

A cache is a memory location that is used to store data temporarily. If you have tried to
access or have accessed confidential information requiring passwords, empty the cache
after each use. The information or services you have accessed is stored in the cache. To
empty the cache, select


Navigation options

Clear cache


Check the availability of services, pricing, and tariffs with your network operator and/or
service provider. Service providers will also give you instructions on how to use their