Nokia 7610 - Downloading

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You can download items such as ringing tones, images, operator logos, software, and video
clips through the mobile browser. These items can be provided free or you can purchase

Once downloaded, items are handled by the respective applications on your phone, for
example, a downloaded photo will be saved in the Gallery.

Important: Only install applications from sources that offer adequate protection
against harmful software.

A cache is a memory location that is used to store data temporarily. If you have tried to
access or have accessed confidential information requiring passwords, empty the cache
after each use. The information or services you have accessed is stored in the cache. To
empty the cache, select


Navigation options

Clear cache


Purchasing an item

To download the item:

1 Scroll to the link and select




2 Choose the appropriate option to purchase the item, for example, Buy.

Carefully read all the information provided.

Fig. 19 The Saved pages

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Services and Applications


If the online content is compatible, you can use your wallet information to make the

1 Select

Open wallet

. You will be prompted for your wallet code.

See “Entering the wallet

code” on page 86.

2 Select the appropriate card category from your wallet.
3 Select

Fill in

. This will upload the selected wallet information.

If the wallet does not contain all information necessary for the purchase, you will be
requested to enter the remaining details manually.

Copyright protections may prevent some images, ringing tones, and other content from
being copied, modified, transferred or forwarded.

Checking an item before downloading

You can see details about an item before you download it. Details about an item may
include the price, a brief description and size.

See Fig. 20 on page 107.

• Scroll to the link and select




Details about the item are displayed on your phone.

• If you want to continue with the downloading, press


, or if you want to cancel

the download, press