Nokia 7610 - Phone and SIM

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Phone and SIM

Explanations for the different security codes that may be needed:

PIN code (4 to 8 digits) - The PIN (Personal Identification Number) code protects your

SIM card against unauthorised use. The PIN code is usually supplied with the SIM card.
After three consecutive incorrect PIN code entries, the PIN code is blocked. If the PIN
code is blocked, you need to unblock the PIN code before you can use the SIM card
again. See the information about the PUK code.

PIN2 code (4 to 8 digits) - The PIN2 code, supplied with some SIM cards, is required

to access some functions.

Lock code (5 digits) - The lock code can be used to lock the phone and keypad to avoid

unauthorised use.
The factory setting for the lock code is 12345. To avoid unauthorised use of your phone,
change the lock code. Keep the new code secret and in a safe place separate from your

PUK and PUK2 codes (8 digits) - The PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code is required

to change a blocked PIN code. The PUK2 code is required to change a blocked PIN2 code.
If the codes are not supplied with the SIM card, contact the operator whose SIM card
is in your phone for the codes.

You can change the following codes: lock code, PIN code, and PIN2 code. These codes can
only include the numbers from 0 to 9.

Avoid using access codes similar to emergency numbers, such as 112, to prevent accidental
dialling of the emergency number.

PIN code request

- When the PIN code request is active, the code is requested each time the

phone is switched on. Note that deactivating the PIN code request may not be allowed by
some SIM cards.

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PIN code


PIN2 code


Lock code

- Open this setting if you want to change the code.

Autolock period

- You can set an autolock period, a time-out after which the phone is

automatically locked and can be used only if the correct lock code is entered. Key in a
number for the time-out in minutes or select


to turn off the autolock period.

• To unlock the phone, key in the lock code.

When the device is locked, calls still may be possible to the official emergency number
programmed into your device.

Lock if SIM changed

- Select


if you want the phone to prompt for the lock code when an

unknown, new SIM card is inserted into your phone. The phone maintains a list of SIM
cards that are recognised as the owner’s cards.

Options in the

Fixed dialling view:





Activ. fixed dialling


Deact. fixed dialling









Add to



Add from









, and



Fixed dialling

- You can restrict your outgoing calls to selected phone numbers, if supported

by your SIM card. You need the PIN2 code for this function. When this function is active,
you can only call those phone numbers that are included in the fixed dialling list or which
begin with the same digit(s) as a phone number on the list.

• Press

to set

Fixed dialling


When fixed dialling is activated, calls still may be possible to the official emergency
number programmed into your device.

• To add new numbers to the Fixed dialling list, select


New contact


Add from



Closed user group

(Network Service) - You can specify a group of people to whom you can

call and who can call you. For more information, contact your network operator or service
provider. Select:


to activate the default group agreed on with the network operator,


if you want to use another group (you need to know the group index number), or



When calls are limited to closed user groups, calls still may be possible to the official
emergency number programmed into your device.

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Confirm SIM services

(Network Service) - To set the phone to display confirmation messages

when you are using a SIM card service.