Nokia 7610 - Phone settings

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Phone settings


Phone language

- You can change the language for the display texts in your phone. This

change may also affect the format used for date and time and the separators used, for
example, in calculations. If you select


, the phone selects the language

according to the information on your SIM card. After you have changed the display text
language, you must restart the phone.

Changing the settings for

Phone language


Writing language

affects every application in

your phone and the change remains effective until you change these settings again.

Writing language

- You can change the writing language of your phone. Changing the

language affects:
• the characters available when you press any key (



• the predictive text dictionary used
• the special characters that are available when you press the




- To set predictive text input




for all editors in the phone. Select a

language for entering predictive text from the list available. You can also change this
setting when you are in an editor. Press

and select


Dictionary on




Welcome note or logo

- The welcome note or logo is displayed briefly each time you

switch on the phone. Select


if you want to use the default image or animation.



to write a welcome note (max. 50 letters). Select


to select a photo or

picture from the Gallery.

Orig. phone settings

- You can reset some of the settings to their original values. To do

this, you need the lock code.

See “Security” on page 74.

After resetting the settings, the

phone may take a longer time to power on. All documents and files that you have
created are left as they are.

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Standby mode

Left selection key


Right selection key

- You can change the shortcuts that appear over

the left

and right

selection keys in standby mode. In addition to the

applications, you can have the shortcut point to a function, for example,

New message


Navigation key right


Navigation key left


Navigation key down


Navigation key up

, and

Selection key

- To have shortcuts available in standby mode when you press the scroll

key in any direction, scroll to the desired application or function and press the scroll key.


Screen saver timeout

- The screen saver is activated when the screen saver time-out

period is over. When the screen saver is active, the display is cleared and you can see
the screen saver bar.
• To deactivate the screen saver press any key.